Veron awards
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Theo Koning, PA1CW, Award Manager (e-mail: )
Rosa Manusstraat 2
1991 SZ Velserbroek
The Netherlands
PACC - PA Century Club
The award is open to all licensed radio amateurs. Candidates must furnish proof of contact with 100 different Netherlands stations. Stickers are available for 200, 300, etc. up to 900 contacts.
Contacts after 1 June, 1945 on any amateur band are valid.
A contact made during the PACC Contest contest counts for this award also, and need not be confirmed by a QSL card, provided that the Netherlands station worked has submitted a contest log.
PACC award
PAMC - PA Mille Club
The rules for this award are similar to those of the PACC except that at least 1000 stations must be contacted.
Stickers are available for working and confirming 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250 different Dutch stations.
PAMC Award
LCC - Listeners Century Club
This award is open to short wave listeners who can furnish confirmation of receiving 100 different Netherlands stations.
QSL cards dated on or after 1 June 1945 are valid.
LCC Award
HEC - Heard European Countries
This award is available to short wave listeners who can provide confirmation of radio-amateur stations established in 15 different European countries. QSL cards dated on or after 1 June 1945 are valid.
HEC Award
PA6HQ award
A special and unique award is available to station that make qso's with PA6HQ on six (6) bands, 10/15/20/40/80/160 meter.
PA6HQ Award

VRZA awards

W.A.P. - Worked All Provinces
Demands: QSL’s of each of the twelve Netherlands Provinces:
GR, FR, DR, OV, GD, FL, UT, NH, ZH, ZL, NB and LB.
The club-stations PI4VRZ/A and PI4CQP/A may be used as a joker or substitute for missing province.
Awardfee € 4,55, US $ 6,00 or 6 IRC's.

Ben Horsthuis, PAŘHOR (email: )
Awardmanager V.R.Z.A.
Frans Halsstraat 95

WAP Award (VRZA)