Contest committee

All contest related correspondence, except for the logs itself, can be sent to:


Steef van der Put, PA3S
PACC contest manager

Aurelio, PC5A

Aurelio Bellussi, PC5A
PACC committee member

Rein Couperus, PA0R
PACC committee member

Good to know

Chantal has previously been involved in the Dutch YL-committee, for which she organized the YL Mid winter contest. Also she was part of the 2009 YL-DXPedition to the Falklands - VP8YLC. She will now fill in the position of PACC  Contest Manager dealing with general issues.

Aurelio is an avid contester (PI4TUE, DR1A etc.) and DXpeditioner (HB0/PI4TUE, ...). He will provide support to the log robot server and the overall log checking process.

Rein is a 'professional HAM' now while being retired. He likes going on contest DXPeditions (CT9L, TS7N, 5A7A). His other passion is PSKmail, a program he developed for digital data communication  specifically on HF. Rein will provide support to log analyses and contest rules.

Taco is an IT professional specialized on networking, servers and Linux. He likes to operate from portable locations with home made antenna's and will provide support to the  hardware, software environment and log processing.