Results PACC 2019

The Dutch participants results of the PACC 2019 have been published in the Electron magazine of MAY.

All results (Dutch and international) are published on-line (See the Results page) Viewing your processed log (with error codes) is also possible (go to the log submission page and click as if you want to submit a log).

Downloading the certificate will become available in the next weeks due to some technical problems.

2019 PACC contest

Starts: February 9th at 12:00 UTC

Ends: February 10th at 12:00 UTC

PACC 2019

Welcome to the Dutch PACC website …

Upload your log, Logs received, log statistics, etc: robot

Live score upload at is supported. To view live scores


Note 1: mail logs to can give hickups. Please use the other methods described under log submission or Aanleveren logs

Important changes!

  • All mixed mode categories are allowed to work a station twice per band, once in CW and once in SSB. If the station is a multiplier, it will count as 2 multipliers.
  • Please use Cabrillo v3 format
  • Logs can either be uploaded via this website (a link will appear here as soon as the web interface is ready) or sent to (new e-mail address):
  • Do not send the paper/CD/floppy log to the contest manager!
  • Make sure you put your full postal address in the Cabrillo header. Otherwise we can not send you the token of merit…!
  • Send your pictures to the e-mail address below. Include your SOAPBOX in the Cabrillo log (instruction see Log submission / Aanleveren logs)
  • Correspondence other than logs to:

Good to know

Cabrillo is supported by most major contest programs.

Always work dupes otherwise you run the chance to loose valuable multipliers.

Please always send your log even if you made a few contacts. You will help to improve the accuracy of cross checking the logs and you will get our famous Token of Merit (“Vaantje”).