The detailed rules, including instructions for the Cabrillo format, can be downloaded here

Rules for foreign participants

For foreign operators only a few things changed.

Important issues:

  • All mixed mode categories are allowed to work a station twice per band, once in CW and once in SSB. If the station is a multiplier it will be counted as two multipliers.
  • Cabrillo format mandatory. See Cabrillo V3.0 page for details!
  • Log submission, analyzing and checking will be done by a software suite developed by HA1AH with a web based interface (details will follow on this website).
  • After submission an automated e-mail will be sent back stating whether the log complies to the needed Cabrillo format including a gross score check and calculation. After the submission deadline all logs will be further analyzed and cross-checked. After the full check, participants will get an e-mail with their resulting score and log errors.
  • You can also send your Cabrillo log ( or ) to the new e-mail address:
  • Please put your call and category in the subject of the mail.
  • Please make sure you include your full postal address in the Cabrillo Header. If not, we can’t send you the token of merit…!

Rules in a nutshell:

  • Work as many Dutch stations as possible per band.
  • 160m-10m SSB/CW, except WARC, IARU bandplan.
  • Exchange: send RST+serial number starting with 001.
  • Dutch stations give RST+Province abbreviation: GR, FR, DR, OV, GD, UT, NH, ZH, NB, LB, ZL, FL.
  • Categories: SOAB-CW, SSB or MIXED; each HP or LP (<100W), MIXED also QRP (<5W); MOAB (mixed, no restriction on # TX); SOSB-CW, SOSB-SSB, SWL-MIXED.
  • Multipliers: number of provinces per band per mode.
  • Points: one point per valid QSO.
  • Final score: total number of QSOs x total number of mults.

Good to know

Cabrillo is supported by most major contest programs.

Always work dupes otherwise you run the chance to loose valuable multipliers.

Please always send your log even if you made a few contacts. You will help to improve the accuracy of cross checking the logs and you will get our famous Token of Merit (“Vaantje”).