The following programs support our contest (including new rules for mixed mode categories) and also can export the log file to Cabrillo format. Click on the thumbmail for the link.

N1MM Logger+

N1MMLoggerPlus250x75N1MM Logger+ is an advanced, Windows based freeware program, designed to do contest logging and some general logging. Very nice user interface with bandmaps. Thomas, PA1M, is one of the programmers.


Evert PA3AYQ wrote a special log program for the PACC without too many bells and whistles. Click left on the pciture to read all about it and to download a copy.


sd4SDSD is not free, but you are free to download it and test it in any supported contest. If you want to try an older, free, version, you can get it here.


wt_logo_smallWin-TestWintest is a shareware package gaining great popularity lately. It has many advanced features in a pseudo TRlog interface. PACC and Cabrillo are supported.


TLFlogoTLF by PA0RIf you are using a UNIX/LINUX based computer, this is your choice. Cabrillo support is included.


genfeatsGenLog by W3KMAnother great freeware package. Supports Cabrillo and the latest rules of the PACC contest.


HAMLogIT – Met dit programma kun je van een log met alle verbindingen, ook de contesten filteren, bewerken, berekenen en uploaden.


frontSWL_DQR_Log – program for SWLs for real time logging SWL-reports during contests.

Good to know

The Cabrillo format is a simple column based ASCII format. We have chosen the standard CQ WW and ARRL DX contests format.

Our robot will be flexible in that the exact column position is not critical as long as all specified QSO fields exist and are in the right order.

All of the programs listed here support the Cabrillo format.